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Gonna Smile : Exclusive Signed CD

Gonna Smile : Exclusive Signed CD

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(1) Signed copy of Michael's album release, "Gonna Smile". Releases on Spectra Records on Feb. 10th, 2015.

"Gonna Smile" is smoking.  Pure and simple. This album is rock n' roll in every sense of the word and showcases some great songwriting and instrumentation.  The production is great, the mood is great, and every track on this album has something to offer. ~ MusicExistence

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"It's not Country, Americana, Blues or Folk...it's Rock N' Roll with all of that and a southern vibe, combined for a holy sound all its own." ~ Skope Magazine
"The songwriting is world class...From start to finish, 'Gonna Smile' by Michael Tracy is an impressive musical release. Period!" ~ IndieMusicDigest
"Labeling Michael Tracy is a fool's game.  He can do it all... I wait for music like this!" ~ Indiemunity

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"This is a full package with it all... I can see Michael Tracy going the distance." ~ Vents Magazine
"Thank God we have people like Michael Tracy that give a damn and keep it real.  This is an album that you must buy and will fall in love with immediately." ~ Band Blurb
This is a real true blue singer/songwriter with so much more to offer than the run of the mill rockers of this caliber ~ Indie Music Reviews
"It is great to hear music so filled with so many different emotions, styles, and sounds all on one album.  Coming across a record like this is like capturing lightning in a bottle." ~Shutter16 Magazine
"This is a great release for Tracy and sure to garner him new fans." ~ IndieArtistsAlliance

Michael on the new album

"This is an astounding array of songs that will leave you speechless. Each song has its own personality and its own feeling behind it" ~GetAmped Magazine
"There is a lot to hang onto here, all great songs with passion, soul, and charm...Tracy has undeniable character that goes as much the distance as his music." ~ Rock N' Roll View
"Gonna Smile" is a proficient piece of work, whose pleasant sound carries a great deal of accessibility ~ Pure M Magazine
"This is an up and coming artist I can almost sense being a household name before too long, as it sounds like he is on a mission to get into every ear he can." ~ All Whats Rock
"One of my personal favorite tunes is 'Raven,' which sounds great electrified, but the acoustic rendition here is even better- haunting" ~ Michael "Buffalo" Smith (Kudzoo Magazine Radio Hour)
"Singer-songwriter Tracy takes his cues from abundant influences.  Rock 'n' roll, blues, '70s hard rock, country, southern rock, even grunge are bundled together; fed into his personal psyche, re-organized with his perception, message and experience to be delivered with his own unique sound and scope.  All this goes into the depth and poetic passion delivered." ~ Debbie Jennings (Rock Hill Herald)


In April of 2014, Michael went to Atlanta, GA and recorded this special EP, "Hopeful" with Producer Joey Huffman (Hank Jr., Matchbox 20) that features guitarists Rick Richards (Georgia Satellites) & Steve Stone (Atlanta Rhythm Section).  Four (4) Country-Rock tracks that has been described as John Mellencamp meets the Black Crowes.
Spectra Music Group is to release the EP later in 2015.

2011 DEBUT - Enough Small Talk

In 2011 Michael Tracy began his music career.  Prior to Michael putting a band together he went into the studio to record a group of songs he had written.  Self-produced and using many different local Charlotte studio musicians, Michael produced and released "Enough Small Talk",  A bluesy-rock record with a  laid back, stripped down feel.  A few of the songs on this album were re-produced, re-recorded for Michael's 2015 "Gonna Smile" album release.
Enough Small Talk: CD

Enough Small Talk: CD

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(1) Signed copy of Michael's debut album, "Enough Small Talk" released in 2011.