Written by (M. Tracy, S. Ticotin)
Produced by Sahaj Ticotin
Recorded in Los Angeles, CA


Cross my heart and hope to die
For all the right reasons
Got to stop wasting my time
So no more waiting...waiting on you
The closing light, I've got to run
Before it starts raining
You can stay, stay if you want
But no more waiting...waiting on you

No more waiting on a miracle
No more waiting on just the right time
I always thought that I needed you
To grab my dreams & make them all come true

Packed my bags, I'm taking flight
Got one last ticket for you to come and be by my side
In the sky sun made of gold
I can see all the clouds that are fighting below.

Can't keep falling behind
Walking the line
Running in circles
Won't be chained to the ground
Chained to this town
Reaching for people
on the path that I choose
Nothing to lose
Letting them watch me go
Letting them watch me go