1. Shake It

Written by (M. Tracy; S. Ticotin
Produced, recorded, engineered by Sahaj Ticotin - Woodland Hills, CA
Mastered by Paul Logus / PLX Mastering - Los Angeles, CA


First time I saw her
Standing at the bar
She looked so good, so fine
Just like a superstar
Boys all around her
Trying to get her name
Paid them no mind
Cuz she's about to change the game and..

Shake it
Shake that thing that your momma gave ya
Shake it
Yeah I like the way that you're misbehavin'
Shake it
Shake that thing baby do what you do
Shake it
Girl I can't take my eyes off of you

I catch her staring
Don't know what to say
My heart is pounding
As she starts to walk my way...and she says
"Them boys are boring, I'm looking for a man"
She gets real close
Turns around and takes my hand, so we can...

The night is over
It's time to go...I ask her
"When can I see you?"
And she says..." I'll let you know"