Written by: (M. Tracy; S. Ticotin)
Produced, recorded, engineered by Sahaj Ticotin - Woodland Hills, CA


Old woman down by the river
Sells palm crosses, takes what you give her
Under the lantern
My silver dollar glows
I hear the trolley bells ringin'
On top of cobblestone clangin'
Dark shadows haunt the night
She tries to tell me where they go

Savannah nights
Tempted by your slow seduction
Give it all but still take somethin'
Savannah nights
Beauty in the candlelight
Getting lost within Savannah nights

Walking thru gardens of grave stones
A thousand whispers in the wind blow
The Spanish moss keep the secrets of the dead
And thru the wars and the passion
In dignified southern fashion
Their stories hold the charm too honest to forget

Before the dawn I walk alone
Wave to the freighter ships
I wonder where they go
And if they'd let me come along
Would I find a place like this?
That holds me tight