1. Hopeful

Written by: (M. Tracy, S. Ticotin)
Produced, recorded, engineered by Sahaj Ticotin - Woodland Hills, CA


Kinda strange
All of the things I see today
So much change
Might be hard but I'll find a way
But I won't
Lay it down and wait to die
There's still time
To find water when the desert's dry
That is why

I remain hopeful
I remain, tho' tears they fall like rain
As the years pass by
I have made it thru the pain
I remain hopeful

Well you know
Sometimes I wait all day for rain
When wind blows
I hear the clouds cry out my name
The sun breaks
But first you got to stand the storm
What it takes
Is to believe tomorrow comes
Yeah it comes

There are times that it don't feel right
Those moments that are hard to find
When I'm lost in a crowd all alone
I remind myself I'm far from home
But you won't hear me complain
Cuz that part of me still remains
That compels me to say
Don't be afraid
No don't be afraid