Michael Tracy is a singer/songwriter who hails from Charlotte, NC.  He has been writing and performing music for over a decade and has released several well received albums over the years.  Along with winning local & regional awards he has been invited to open for Bon Jovi, Poison, George Thorogood, Styx, Foreigner, Don Felder, Jefferson Starship, Marshall Tucker Band, Foghat, America, & Bret Michaels.  Drawing inspiration from classic rock, blues, and Americana, Tracy has honed his own unique style that blends his influences into something entirely his own.  
     Tracy's music is marked by his soulful vocals and his ability to craft catchy, memorable melodies.  His lyrics often deal with themes of love, loss, and personal growth, and his honest and heartfelt approach has made him a favorite of fans and critics alike.  Over the years, he has built a loyal following through his dynamic live shows, and his music has been featured on radio stations across the country.  
     Tracy's latest album, "Still Got Soul," showcases his growth as a songwriter and his continued dedication to creating music that inspires and uplifts.  With a mix of upbeat rockers and heartfelt ballads, the album is a testament to Tracy's talent and his commitment to his craft.  As he continues to write and perform, fans can look forward to more great music from this talented artist. 

BOOKING - Michael is available for solo acoustic performances or full electric band. Private performances available.  Email: booking@michael-tracy.com 

All Other Inquiries Email: info@michael-tracy.com